Version 3.0


  • Added 2 right-click options on the grid : Follow and Exclude. These are quick action to filter rows shown in the grid. You can still use the column header to set advanced conditions to filter.
    • Follow will filter the grid to only show rows that match the selected value.
    • Exclude will hide all rows that do not match the selected value.

This feature makes it more quicker to apply filters to the grid than using the column filter button. As you go in the trace, it allows you to painlessly follow multiple connection and application at the same time and hide the unrelated connection. You keep full visibility of what you want and exclude what you don’t.

  • Improved previous version handling of very big sql query to allow the filter to work on the full query. The query shown in the grid will still be limited, but this is a non issue since it can be seen fully in the bottom pane.


  • On the grid, time could be shown differently depending on the culture of each computer. Some computer show am/pm in their time format and this would conflict with the grid trying to show microseconds. The time format was changed to use the iso 8601 standard at all time with 24 hours clock and microseconds in the format hh:mm:ss.ffffff.
  • Error statements from multi-line sql queries were not correctly parsed. They are now correctly shown in the grid with the full error message.