Version 2.0


  • Added a duration column that shows the elapsed time in microseconds (1000 microseconds is 1 milliseconds). The column was added next to the start and end time columns.
  • Preserve new line in a sql query and show them in the bottom pane.


  • Add a default sort on the start time column.
  • Limit sql queries that the grid shows up to the first 30 000 characters. The grid will only be able to filter within these 30 000 characters. Bottom pane will show the full sql query.
  • Clear the bottom text when clearing the screen.


Winterly SQL Profiler is a tool that allows you to visualize an SAP HANA® trace file. It presents operations that were done in the database in an easy to use grid with advanced filtering capabilities.
The current version allows you to open trace file that you have downloaded from a HANA server. With it you can :

  • Quickly show queries that were in error as well as their error message
  • Follow a connection/ip/software and see all its queries, without queries from other software or other users.
  • Optimize a software by finding slow queries (grid show duration of all queries) and improving them. 
  • With these, you can make it easier to troubleshoot application issues on a HANA server for support people. They will save a lot of time with this tool and can get back to the customer faster or simply do more in their day. 

This is a fully working product, but we still have a lot of features to add and some have already been added since the video was recorded. We plan to add a live mode as well as dashboards to give analytics on the queries that were run.

Right now, the Profiler is limited to opening trace offline trace file. Here is a video showing you how to start and stop a trace on a HANA database using the HANA Studio. If you’re using HANA 2.0, you can use either the studio or the cockpit to start and stop a trace.

Once you have the sql trace file, you can start using the Profiler to visualize your trace.